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Learn more about tree trimming

Understand what tree trimming is so that you can get the right tree service for your residential or commercial property.


Crown cleaning: crown cleaning a tree canopy consists of pruning dead and diseased limbs, excess branches and crossing or rubbing limbs out of the crown of a tree.


Prune dead wood and diseased limbs: diseased limbs are cut so that it cannot affect the tree live branch structure and also for safety reason. Pruning dead wood is good for the health of the trees.


Interior thinning: thinning out the interior crossing or rubbing limbs can help reduce wind resistance and the chances of a windstorm blowing over the tree. It also increases sunlight for your grass to grow.


Elevating: elevating the lower limbs of a tree is important when limbs are encroaching on a structure or hanging low over a sidewalk or road. This increases the clearance from the ground to the lowest remaining limb.


Shaping: shaping a tree is done to form a nice round shape by trimming the entire canopy.


Clearing limbs away from a structure: this is done to clear the tree limbs away from your house or structure by cutting the branches back to the nearest lateral limb.


Crown reduction: it’s a method carried out to reduce the tree’s height or width by a certain percentage or footage.


Nature’s cut: This involves taking the top or canopy out of the tree for safety reasons. It’s mostly done on large trees that are in close proximity of a structure or are in a highly occupied area.


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You tree can go from beautiful to blah in a matter of days. Our expert tree service company can get rid of any fungi, insects, or pest with our tree spraying formula and equipment.


Regular tree spraying can kill insects, improve longevity, and maintain the health of your tree.


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